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Full range of Examination Gloves Available in Small, Medium and Large Sizes Powder Free and lightly powdered options
Wooden Tongue Depressors Bulk discount price available
20"/50cm 2-ply Couch Rolls with perforations 60m per roll 12 rolls per case
Alcohol Swabs for cleansing - 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Single packed in boxes of 100 Folded size 3 x 3cm, unfolded 6 x 3cm
Portable Cryosurgical System which provides a safe and effective treatment for warts and other common benign skin lesions. Available as a 170mL aerosol can with either standard (5mm) or small (2mm) tips.
Bayer Multistix 10 SG reagent strips for urinalysis provide a fast, convenient way of testing 10 separate reagents in urine.